flavours of premium London Cigars

Exploring different Flavours of Premium London Cigars

Cigars are a well-known item of the luxury lifestyle. Cohiba cigars are popular for their distinctive taste and luxurious lifestyle. Cigars are not like cigarettes; they are completely different structurally. Cigars are made up of tobacco wrapped in high-quality tobacco leaves, whereas cigarettes are wrapped in paper filled with tobacco. Siglo Vi is one of the most popular premium branded cigars named “Cohiba”. In this blog post, we will delve into the different flavours in the world of premium London cigars.

What is a cigar?

A cigar is a rolled bundle wrapped in high-quality tobacco leaves and filled with fragmented tobacco. Cigars are available in a range of varieties and shapes in order to provide a luxurious taste and experience. Compared to cigarettes, cigars are much better. The manufacturing of cigars is far different than the manufacturing of cigarettes. The best way to enjoy a cigar is by taking slow and deliberate puffs.

The cigars are available in a range of flavours, sizes, and designs in order to provide a luxurious smoking experience. A branded cigar known as Behike 54 is offered in a particular shape and size and is well-known for its unique flavour. Cigars have a lengthy cultural history that dates back many centuries. They are frequently connected to festive events or social gatherings and are frequently seen as a symbol of luxury and prestige.

Different flavours of Cigars:

The different and high-quality elements work together to produce a wide variety of flavours and aromas in our London cigars, providing enthusiasts with a unique and pleasurable experience. These are some typical cigar flavours that you might come across:

Earthy: Tobacco from some places, like Nicaragua and Honduras, is frequently associated with earthy flavours. These tastes may have notes that are reminiscent of soil, minerals, or even mushrooms.

Woody: Woody flavours, such as those of cedar, oak, or other types of wood, are common in cigars. The smoke may acquire a pleasing and aromatic profile from these flavours.

Spicy: Cigars that are considered spicy may have notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, or pepper. The complexity of the overall flavour is increased by the spiciness' variable level of intensity.

Sweet: A natural sweetness may be present in some cigars, which can result from aging or the tobacco leaves themselves. This sweetness may have a cocoa, caramel, or dried fruit flavour in mind.

Nutty: In some cigars, nutty flavours like almond or hazelnut can be found, which adds to the creamy and smooth smoking experience.

Floral: Some cigars exhibit floral notes that are reminiscent of flower scents, offering a delicate and aromatic profile.

Creamy: Creamy flavours give the smoke a smooth, velvety texture that is frequently linked to an opulent and luxurious experience.

Coffee/Chocolate: Cigars with flavours of coffee or chocolate can be a delightful treat because the tobacco leaves have notes that are reminiscent of these common libations or sweets.

Pepper: Despite being associated with spiciness, pepper flavours are more specifically an incisive, zesty sensation akin to black or white pepper.

Citrus/Fruity: Citrus or fruity notes can be found in some cigars, adding a tangy and reviving dimension to the smoking experience.

The perfect destination for buying premium and high-quality cigars: Being an enthusiast for branded cigars, you will be actively aware that Cohiba is a well-known brand name in the cigar industry. Cigars are made using a variety of different processes, including aging and fermentation, different types of tobacco, and more. At our showroom, we are passionate about offering luxurious and branded cigars to clients across the globe. We offer a collection of branded cigars, including Siglo Vi and Behike 54, at a reasonable cost. We are committed to elevating the experience of cigar enthusiasts with our premium branded cigars and are available 24/7 to assist individuals with our luxurious cigars. We are offering an online service so that people can order their preferred cigars flexibly.


Every individual has their own preferences for the flavours of cigars, and that’s why what one person enjoys in a cigar may be different from another person's. The flavour of our premium London cigars is highly capable of giving you a new adventure with the initial smoke. In the 1966 Showroom, we are proud to offer a range of different branded cigars, including Behike 54 and others across the globe. We are passionate about our work and dedicated to providing luxurious cigars with fine taste to clients across the globe. Every cigar enthusiast looking for top-notch quality tobacco is welcome to visit our store.

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